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    [] Carrete Piante []
    Puros vios, no tierrosos (y)
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    enter room

    Lover I remember
    Laying out a map
    Throwing our possessions
    In the van

    Your tapes piled on the backseat
    And a camera in your hand
    Dressed for our arrival
    In the Strangeland

    Strangeland blind
    You got no reason, you got no rhyme
    You give no time
    To put things right


    Monday 19th January 2004

    “Today Keane recorded an appearance on TV’s 4music show ‘Ear Candy’. The episode which also features Goldfrapp will be broadcast on Channel 4 on the 11th February 2004 at midnight and once more on the 14th February 2004 at half past midnight. The performance features a live rendition of 'Somewhere Only We Know’ and a short interview with Tom by Ear Candy presenter Colin Murray.

    —Tim answers your questions, 2006

    I think anyone who likes spilling their guts into a song and then playing to millions of people has to have something slightly weird going on in their brain! All creative people experience slightly exaggerated ups and downs I think, and I’m definitely guilty of that. But most of the time I’m pretty normal and chilled, and anyone that knows me knows that I spend as much time having fun as I do locked in a room brooding over the state of the world!

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