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    Trying to find peace
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    • Alex

      Se você ler essa mensagem, entra no hotel pra gente conversar, ok? Ou até me procura no Facebook: Esdras Castiliano

    • Alex

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

    • Alex

      Você é fofíssimo!
      Feliz em jogar com você!
      Te quiero.

    • Alex

      great home, pietro! you are special <3

    • Alex

      Thank you so much for your friendship!
      lots of love,



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    It was nobody's fault.

    First of all I apologize for expressing myself here in this way. I never thought I would say such things, I never had to say such things until then but ...

    I have always heard that time is the bane of many men, I did not know that this maxim could be so true. I will not tell my life story here, but I came from a good family, who provided me with health, education and career. Despite the problems and circumstances, I never lacked anything.

    I reached adulthood and started to build my life. I built my castle (of sand), I bought goods, I had people by my side, in short, I went further than I imagined.

    Funny that even when we have all that feeling of emptiness it never goes away. Today I realize that I have always been alone and, for a number of factors, life is no longer meaningful to me.

    Over the past few months or years, that emptiness has become an abyss in my chest. This game was a temporary relief, but, unfortunately, we cannot escape life and its consequences.

    I got tired of running away and I no longer have the strength to fight. I tried, friends, I really tried, sorry for my weakness and my cowardice. It wasn't anyone's fault, just mine. Stay in peace.

    Young and tired, I preferred to go to account to the Lord, not for crimes I didn't commit, but for what I couldn't do well.

    Only God knows my bitterness and suffering. May my weakness in life serve as examples for you to continue, do not be cowards as I am, do not flee, fight and wherever I am I will look after you.

    I am grateful to those who, from near or far, have brought me the comfort of their friendship. I am free to seek my place in the world.

    With love and forever,
    hc habbohome banner holo

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