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Wobble Squabble

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Tips & Tactics


Tip 2: If you are wobbling all over
the place, you can get your
balance back once during
the game using the 'stabilise' button
(space bar).

Tip 1: When the game starts, you
will see a pop up window.
On the right is a balance meter.

When the hand points straight up,
you're perfectly balanced. When it
points to the right, you need to
balance to the left, and vice versa.

If the hand drops too far either side
you have lost your balance and will
fall into the water and lose.

Tip 3: Moving away from your
opponent during a game
will allow you time to balance.

The Queue System

When you have a ticket, get into the pool, swim over and climb on the inflatables to queue for your turn.

The game starts when two players are ready.



Buying Tickets

To play Wobble Squabble, you need tickets. You can get tickets by clicking on the inflatables, or by clicking on the ticket machine beside the pool.

Tickets cost 6 Credits for 20 or 1 Credit for 2.

In Wobble Squabble the winner stays on, so if you win a game stay on the inflatables and the next one is free!


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