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Habbo Guides (Official)

Group created: Dec 11, 2019

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The official Habbo Guides Group.
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The old and wise one - loyal owl
with a heart of gold.
Level 10

Well of course I can. Because I am a Habbo Guide!

The fast one - catch one if
you can.
Level 1

The one who does not let
you sink.
Level 3

The sharp eyed one - flying to
your aid.
Level 9

The hunter one - stalks down
Level 6

The digger one - has information
you cannot find.
Level 4

Who are Habbo guides?

Habbo Guides are experienced players
who like to share their knowledge of
Habbo and welcome new players.

Habbo Guides meet and greet new
Habbos, guide them around and
generally making them feel at home.

I'm new. How do I find a Guide?

The first time you enter your room in
the hotel you will be asked if you would
like to meet a Habbo Guide. You can also
identify Guides by their animal badge.

What's in it for me?

A warm fuzzy feeling at the end of the
day, and hopefully the start of many new
friendships :)

Can I join?

Yes, just join this Group. Anyone who's
interested in being nice to newcomers is
welcome to join - the more the merrier!

The eXperienced one with
the knowledge to show the way.
Level X

The friendly one  - kind and soft.
Level 8

How do we find the new people?

When new people join Habbo we'll ask
them if they'd like to meet a Guide
from Habbo. If they say yes, we'll
send alerts to members of this group
who are in the Hotel at the same time.
Accept the invitation and you'll be
whisked off to meet the new person.
You can guide them around Habbo and
show them what it's about.

Can I get as many invites as I want?

Sure, with the Guide tool, You can
decide when You want to receive the
invites. After helping someone, you can
pick up the next invite. The Guide tool is
shown on your screen (in the hotel),
in the top left corner.

What do I get for guiding?

Habbo Guides receive badges to
reward their good work. There are 10
levels to achieve. If you successfully
guide a Habbo, who stays in Habbo as a
player, is your friend and has spent
enough time online, you will be rewarded.

The more Habbos you help, the
cooler the badge! These badges are not
available anywhere else.

The clever one - is swift of
thought and foot.
Level 5

The cutest one - makes you
wanna hug.
Level 2

The strong one - the one you
can depend on.
Level 7

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