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  • Alex

    Hi ! I'm french I dowloaded Shocwave and I can't access to the hotel ... How can I download the client to play ? I am iMac user please help me !

  • Alex

    hello guys

  • Alex

    i love classic habbo :D

  • Alex

    so cool

  • Alex

    The real Habbo :D

  • Alex

    Good old habbo! :D

  • Alex

    viiiiiibes baby i miss them old days love yall and love habbo

  • Alex


  • Alex


  • Alex


  • Alex

    u are awesome :D

  • Alex

    Hey guys, thanks! <3

  • Alex


  • Alex

    OH CÝ

  • Alex

    Back to the hotel view as Habbo Beta in the Flash.

  • Alex
  • Alex


  • Alex

    This is just like the old times. Them vibes are returning, you know?

  • Alex

    Keep Habbo Retro


 Group info 

Welcome to Habbo

Group created: Dec 11, 2019

51 members

Old Help Desk - 2019

New here? Check out this page to find out all you need to get started. Find out what Habbo's all about, how to get around, where to go to play games, and all the cool and interesting things going on. See you in the Hotel!
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How do I get around?

Use the Hotel Navigator to get from room to room. The button is at the bottom of your screen and looks like an orange hotel tower. You’ll be able to visit public rooms, guest rooms. You can also start building your own room by clicking on “Create Own Room” under My Rooms.

What if I see someone breaking the rules?

If you need help from a moderator, you can:

-Use the Call For Help Emergency System. It’s the blue question mark on the bottom right side of your screen.

-May join our Discord (The widget can be found on the /me page) and tell us what happened.

-May visit our Help Desk:
Room Name: ClassicHabbo Help Desk
Room Owner: Toya

Habbo Lingo – just a few words you might need to know:

Furni – Furniture
Bobba – When a word is filtered, it comes up as “Bobba”
Hand – Where all your furni ends up when you buy it.
Console – The Habbo Messenger
Nav – The Hotel Navigator
Norm – A non-HC member.
HC – Habbo Club

Room Games

DYP, Defend Your Pod - A popular room game in Habbo, where each Habbo must defend their own pod while trying to sit in another Habbo’s pod for a brief time to get them out.

FF, Falling Furni - A game where the owner drops furniture, and the Habbos playing have to race to it.

Dhtw, Don’t Hit The Wall - A dice is rolled and if it is your number, you move up. First one to the wall losses.

CC, Cozzie Change - A costume change game, where the host announces a theme and you change your clothes to match the theme.

Staff Members:

Alex - Administrator & Developer
Copyright - Community Manager
Chris - Community Manager
Siract - Community Manager



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