Why do people bully each other?

Everyone is different, and it’s these differences that make people who they are. People who bully others might pick on certain people because they think they are different in some way. This might be because of the way someone looks, the things they like doing or even what kinds of clothes they wear.

OMG it’s Anti-Bullying Week!

Show your support by joining the group and visiting the reception!

Young people can be bullied for being or looking different and so we want to show that being different is a good thing and not something to make people feel bad about.

The ChildLine group page is somewhere for you to learn more about ChildLine and find out how you can spread the word about ChildLine to other Habbos so they know there is always somewhere to turn to, whatever their worry.

If you would like to seek confidential help and advice from ChildLine, please visit The ChildLine website or call 0800 double 1 double 1.

"ChildLine has not only changed my life, but it has also saved my life so many times!"

"ChildLine means I can keep going, through anything because I know, whatever happens, there's someone out there who can help me put it right."

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  • Alex

    i love childline

  • Alex

    Nice group!

  • Alex

    Adorei que vocês pensam no bem estar dos usuários. Parabéns pela iniciativa!

  • Alex

    Buen grupo!

  • Alex

    Great initiative!

  • Alex


  • Alex

    Good group.

  • Alex

    the website and the phone don't work, i'll cut my wrists until i come back

  • Alex

    This is so important!

  • Alex

    Thank you ChildLine!

  • Alex

    ChildLine is a good initiative!


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"ChildLine means I know I am not the problem, that all the stuff that happens isn't my fault, that I've done nothing wrong."

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