Current Collectable

Totem Planet

March 2019

3/3 of Totem

Available Until:

Collectable Showroom

  • German Gnome

    October 2008, 4/6

  • K-nick-4

    Alien Collectible

  • Big Ben

    September 2008, 3/6

  • Leviathan

    1/6 - January 2009

  • Venetian Gondola

    July 2008, 1/6

  • Totem Leg

    1/3 of Totem

  • Dutch Clog

    August 2008, 2/6

  • Totem Planet

    3/3 of Totem

  • Aussie Outback

    November 2008, 5/6

  • Finnish Sauna

    December 2008, 6/6

  • Kraken

    2/6 - February 2009

  • Totem Spirit Head

    Which animal are you? 2/3 of Totem

  • Cryogenic Bed

    For those who like to sleep a long time.

  • Ghostly Organ

    Play a ghastly tune on the bones...

  • Astro-Bar

    Deep space refreshment.

  • Architeuthis

    March Collectable 2009, 3/6

What are Collectables?

Collectables are special furniture sold only for a limited and set period of time. Experienced Habbos would know them as rares. They always cost the same - 200 Credits.

Invest in Collectables

Collect your way to the riches! Collectables not only make a great piece of Furni but also come with an amazing trade value. As collectables will never be sold again for quite a while (that's a promise), the value will keep increasing in time.

Stick together!

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