The Official Habbo Awards show is coming, as we band together and celebrate the stars of 2019. Who made you laugh? Who made you cry? Which Boss was king of the hill? Whose game rooms kept you entertained for hours on end and which Guide actually helped you? With lucrative titles such as 'Male/Female Habbo of the Year' up for grabs, you've gotta think about who you are going to nominate this year.

The winners of each category will receive a special Trophy in thanks for their contribution to making Habbo Hotel the best online community, all in a splendid black-tie awards show! Wait...there's more! As well as a Trophy, each winner will walk away with 250 Credits, and a coveted spot in our Hall of Fame!

Nominating yourself in any category will result in complete disqualification. No more than 2 repeat winners in different categories. ***Spell the Habbo's name exactly how it's displayed on their homepage or it will not count!

You can nominate at our website,
HabboAwards.COM. Nominations close on Friday 13th December @ 6PM GMT.

A user who is a regular on Classic Habbo, UnityX is operating this himself so please direct all questions to him.