Set sail on the ultimate cruise and discover the rocky and exciting seas of love! The Habbo Hotel has been transformed into the Habborella ship of love and we encourage you to start exploring the avenues of love and romance through relationships, dating, social activities and parties.

The Hotel Staff has left dry land for their new posts at sea. Your Habborella Crew is:

~ Joee is the Captain and will also be performing Habbo Weddings.
~ MOD-UnityX is the Bar Manager & Chief Entertainer who manages the Habborella Love Deck.
~ Mojko is the Chief Steward who manages the Habborella Passenger Deck and the Sun Deck.
~ Yuyu is the Habborella doctor. Feeling a bit love sick? No problem. Yuyu is here to help!
~ Joorren is the Passenger Liason Officer. Need help getting around? Joorren is your guy!

To access the event rooms, just search “Habborella” in your hotel navigator.

To guide you on your voyage, a Habborella Group Page will act as our vistor's information center providing a boat-load of information about the Habborella including a map of the ship to help you move about the decks, updated traveler's information and quick access to a guest floor so you can get settled into your newly built cabins.

During this love cruise, we have a full schedule of games with the Crew, competitions, poll and special stops have been planned for you, including a Valentine's Ball with the Crew on February 14th. Our first activity, The "Random Love" Dating Game, will begin later today and all the details will arrive by separate article.

With all this love in the air, you are bound to find that perfect Habbo mate on the Habborella. Or maybe you're already in a Habbo relationship and are ready to commit to Habbo Matrimony. For those love-birds ready to take the ultimate plunge and who don't mind skipping all the planning, expense and stress of a traditional wedding, we will be offering quickie weddings - Vegas style and in mass quantities too. These Habbo wedding ceremonies will begin on Tuesday, February 4th. Line up at the Wedding Chapel and get ready for the ride of your life as Captain Joee marries Habbo couples!

Enjoy this adventure and we hope you have a pleasant stay on the Habborella! Happy Valentine's Habbos!