It's Easter!

But... I have lost all my Easter eggs I wanted to give away to the Habbo's, and I'm calling all Habbo's to help me find them back. Will you help me?

It's time for an egg hunt.

- Go to the room called Easter egg hunt 2022
- Make a screenshot of the room
- Draw a circle around each Easter Egg 2022
- Send the screenshot with your circles to Miquel on discord. (Discord username: TheJamWhistle#1337)
- Deadline to send the screenshot: April 18th 10PM GMT+1 (UK time)
- You can only send a screenshot once, so make sure you got them all before sending it!

If you find all the Easter Eggs 2022 the Easter bunny will give you 3 of them! For each egg you missed, you will get 1 less, so you could miss 1 or 2 and still get Easter Egg(s).

Disclaimer: Not all eggs are visible, as some are stacked inside each other. This is to prevent people from using the :furni command. These eggs do not count towards the total amount. Only count the ones you can actually see in the room.