Heya Habbos,
Are you people ready for Carnival? Because we are!

Dance like you've never danced before, party as if there's no tomorrow, and play some fun carnival games in the ClassicHabbo Theme park!

What's that you're saying? ClassicHabbo doesn't have a team park? Oh right, I forgot, you guys are all going to have to make your own carnival booth, were you can host your own carnival game (fictive).

? Build a new room small sized room. (Max 104 tiles)
? Make it look like a carnival game of your choice. (Game tent / Barraca de jogos / Carpa de juego)
? Lock your room (doorbell or password) to avoid people copying your ideas
? Send a screenshot of the finished room to Joorren#4443 on Discord before 27 February, 10PM CEST

1st place: Holo Duck + Maroon Rare + 1.500 credits
2nd place: Holo Duck + Maroon Rare + 1.000 credits
3rd place: Holo Duck + Maroon Rare + 500 credits
Honorable Mentions: Maroon Rare

All participants will receive a Carnival Festival badge!