Dearest Habbos,

Don't we all secretly have a crush on someone? Maybe yours is even someone from in the hotel! That's why we want to help you a bit today.

For the first competition of the Valentines week, you have to write a love letter or poem to someone you (secretly) admire inside the hotel. It can be anyone, the person you talk to every day, someone you're secretly afraid to talk to, young, old, male, female, ... Literally anyone!

Maybe you have a favourite poem you could read for inspiration. Or maybe you're a wonderful poet yourself!
Make sure to join this event to win Valentines Points!

1st place: 10 Valentines Points
2nd place: 7 Valentines Points
3rd place: 5 Valentines Points
Honorable Mentions: 3 Valentines Points
Every other participant will also win 1 Valentines Point, to start off the week strong!

Send in your entry here: Submission Form