Wouldn't it be great if there was a ClassicHabbo movie!? Well, we thought so too! But there is one problem... We don't have enough filmsets and it would take us FOREVER to build enough of them for a whole movie! Could you help us?

We would like to start filming on Monday next week, and we're looking for some incredible filmsets we can use. Since ClassicHabbo is all about creativity, we're not looking for a specific theme. You could literally go any direction with your build!  

• Build a new room (small room size, max 104 tiles)
• Lock your room (doorbell or password) to avoid people copying your ideas
• Send a screenshot of the finished room to Joorren#4443 on Discord before 6 February, 10PM CEST

1st Place: 5x Directors Chair (white) + 8x Red Cinema Chair + 1.500 Credits
2nd Place: 4x Directors Chair (white) + 6x Red Cinema Chair + 1.000 Credits
3rd Place: 3x Directors Chair (white) + 4x Red Cinema Chair + 500 Credits
• Honorable Mentions: 1x Directors Chair (white) + 2x Red Cinema Chair
All contestants will receive an awesome ROTW badge!

Disclaimer: Do not submit your old room designs, as these will not count. You have to build a new room! Picking winners is a very subjective task. Please understand that it is possible we don't share the same opinion on what rooms should win.