This Christmas we're gonna make an special giveaway for you!

But Chrisnoel needs help, he doesn't have a gift room!
He's looking for a nice room to start giving away some precious furniture!


The Staff talked with him the last time. He just need the following stuff:

1.- A room of 104 tiles

2.- Space in the middle of the room for gifts (at least 30)

3.- Christmas themed room

4.- A lot of good vibes!


This time, just one of you will get a reward but don't worry! This great giveaway worth the try!

You will have 1 week until the time of this article has been posted, to send through Discord your room to Chris.
The giveaway will be the 20 of this month! You can't miss it!

In summary: Event participation: 09-12-2021 until 16-12-2021. Giveaway: 20-12-2021.
The room will be announced once we have a winner.

The winner will obtain 5000 Credits + Santa Butler!

Just to keep you hyped... 2 special items will be there.

Happy Chris-tmas, hou hou... you got it?