Happy halloween!

This is an special date, we honor those that aren't with us. But also, we love it because we want candies and disguise ourselves!

But today we need you to pass a tough trial... I'm sure you've played a lot of labyrinths but, this one, have something different...

This labyrinth have a few rooms, but all of them looks the same (or maybe not...). You need to go through all of them and find 3 hints for the 'Secret room' and reach 'The Gift' room to find a one last hint and you must figure the password to the 'Secret room'.

Simple right? When you reach the 'Secret room', you will receive a badge and you must send a Screenshot to Chris via DM on Discord. Don't worry if your message isn't answered. Here matters being the first one sending the SS!

(Of course, if you share the password you won't receive anything and the badge will be removed from your account)

We recommend play on Flash!

- Pay attention around you, a hint could be on any room!

- Remember for which teleport you passed, they are on different places and some of them are different!

- Be careful! Some teleports are traps and if you fall, you must repeat the labyrinth since the beginning going back to Labyrinth of the Mirrors - Entrance

- Keep in mind this: If you going sucessful to the right teleport, you will appear on the left side of the room and same with up or below. (Check Discord #announcements to check the image guide of how to move around the lab)

1st Place - Speedy won: 1 Black Leviathan + Gold Habbo Trophy + 5 MBX.

2nd Place - Elisamagicool won: 1 Black Leviathan + Silver Habbo Trophy + 5 MBX.

3rd Place - boo won: 1 Black Leviathan + Bronze Habbo Trophy + 5 MBX.

But that's isn't all! Every person that completes the lab, will receive 5 MBX! (You must wear the badge and ask to Chris for them)

And... We will open the Infobus to hangout with everyone and why not, show your best costume!

The Lab will remain opened for a week, and the Infobus for two days.

The show begings NOW!