After a blistery, chilled weekend of Arctic Winds, a Winter Wonderland has settled onto Habbo Hotel. As this freak winter storm blew into the Hotel, Habbos found some of the Public Rooms were covered in ice and snow.

With this unexpected snowfall and cold temperatures, a penguin arrived by a small iceberg. It's the Emperor Penguin. "Honk." The Emperor Penguin says his iceberg was split off from a main ice block in the Arctic and several of his penguin friends were scattered out to sea during the huge snowstorm.

"Honk." After the Emperor Penguin showed his concern for his flightless friends, he said "they aren't far behind me and should be arriving soon." Following this information, an ice alert sounded at the Habbo Pier hoping the penguins can hear their way to safety.

To help, make sure you log in everyday to help receive a penguin to safety. Each day, a new penguin will arrive looking different with a unique personality.

In the distance, penguin calls echo across the icy tundra. Be sure to dress up warm as we welcome our dressed up friends.