Hello Habbos! This Xmas on ClassicHabbo is filled with surprises! We had tapa's Rare Shop, Gui's Christmas Grabber, and now, Crxs is now distributing the Icy Rares. Participate and claim your Icy Rares at the following ongoing competitions:

- 80 Tiles Xmas Room
- Xmas Dice Tournament

- More Competitions for Icy Rares soon...

Without further to say, let's talk about what's yet to come this Xmas on ClassicHabbo...

I. Christmas Collectables

We are going to have 2 new Collectables during this Xmas on CH! The first Collectable: The Santa Butler, will appear tomorrow (21st) on the Catalogue for 500c + 500 pixels.

It will be avaliable from December 21st to December 25th, and then it's going to be  replaced for the Xmas Throne, that will be avaliable from December 26th to December 31st. Be ready to claim both!

II. Mystery Boxes and Double Credits Event

From December 21st to December 27th, everyday you login in ClassicHabbo you will receive 240 credits for the first 5 minutes online everyday. That means we are making the credits double during this week.

Also in that same week, you will be able to claim Mystery Boxes for half of the points (50 points per box). So log in everyday During Xmas Week and you'll sure become a richer user. Good Luck!