Hello, AlleyBerry here, and here I am with the second and last part of Streets of Bobba Level 1! Even with thousands of rooms available on Classic Habbo, Habbos continue to struggle through the Alleys. After all, they have a very competitive blood, huh.

There is no better way to follow the competitions than with some gang fights! This weekend we are going to have some gang fights combined with a Wobble Squabble tournament! It is very important and recommended that if possible, all gang members show up. More Members = More Chances to Win.


SATURDAY, November 14th
IV. Gang Fights

Gang Fight 1 - ''Giant Bingo''
- 8PM CET / 4PM BR / 3PM CL.

The game consists of two gangs, at one time, dueling for the victory.

Room:Streets of Bobba: The Alleys

Gang Fight 2 - The Jail - 10pm CET / 6pm BR / 5pm CL

A code will be requested, and the first of three gangs who manage to place the codes in the dicemasters will win.

Room: Streets of Bobba: The Alleys

SUNDAY, November 15th @ 10pm CET / 6pm BR / 5pm CL
V. Wobble Squable Tournament

This Sunday, we will be meeting at the Rooftop Rumble for a Wobble tournament between gangs.


The Gang Fights worth a Badge, 750 Credits, 2x Bullet Hole and 1 Bobba Point for the team.


The Wobble Squabble Tournament:
1st: A badge, 2000 Credits, 1x Chalk Outline and 2 Bobba Points for the team;
2nd and 3rd: A badge,  1000 Credits and 1x Chalk Outline.


Gangs that do not yet have the Streets of Bobba Badge (Level 1): This is the last chance to get it.