These are heated times, especially in the dark alleys of Streets of Bobba. Guests report an uncontrollable scenario of extreme violence, especially for residents and security forces, as there is a real struggle for power at Classic Habbo — the hotel is as the 'Monsters of Habbo' left it: on fire. These surroundings were under permanent surveillance, but things got worse and there is no monitoring enough!

Even though it seems like an almost impossible mission, we ask for help from all the brave and brave enough guests to face some of the challenges within the streets of bobba and to reestablish the order of all the gangs involved.

Many other articles will be released in the following days, but what you need to know for now is: not only the streets, but also the gangs themselves, are managed by the big boss AlleyBerry. She takes care of all the communications, meetings and discussions at the Streets of Bobba.

In addition, this campaign will be run through a gang competition (in trios), and each gang will accumulate points for each competition won!

Only gang members with the highest scores will be the Leaders of the Streets at the end of the campaign!

Bringing peace to streets will be our main objective, so, we count on you! In order to subscribe your gang is very simple: One of the gang members must register at this group's thread. It is possible to register during the campaign, but the points will only be given to the previous registered gangs on all competitions and events. Therefore, the sooner the gang is registered, the better.

Don't miss the chance to win a good amount of prizes and the badges below! We are waiting for you!