Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks for the warm reception. I joined the team cause I needed to put mine (and other players) voices into the system. I did read all the 223.452.342,12 questions and 63% of them were: WHO ARE YOU or something related.

Due to this, I am here to announce that I am you. Yes, I am you, me and everybody, or nobody cause this reality comes from our imagination and maybe we are all in a simulation.

BUT some of you asked great questions, and here  they are!

V1L4 - What's your favourite Halloween movie?
: Nightmare Before Christmas.

Oz - What would play in your life's soundtrack?
       - I Feel Love - Donna Summer;
       - Welcome To My Life - Simple plan;
       - Nobodys Perfect - Hannah Montana;
       - The Girl And The Robot - Royksopp;
       - Plug In Baby - Muse;
       - Infinity 2008 - Guru Josh Project;
       - Million Dollar Bills - Lorde;
       - Speechless - Lady Gaga;
       - Bang Me Box - Miley Cyrus;
       - Seu Crime - Pabllo Vittar;
       - What’s Your Pleasure - Jessie Ware.

Creeding - Do you have any pets in real life?
: Yes! I share my apartment with my partner and a black cat :D

EMPERADOR - We are in a hotel that is pure nostalgia, what message would you send to the new generation that only knows the current version of habbo?
: Open your eyes.

Gaz - What is your proudest accomplishment?
: I received an award for an article I submitted in a scientific magazine with my educational game for kids and  I am proud as hell for that.

Hugo - Current favorite song to dance to?
: Spotlight - Jessie Ware

Alcosmos - What's your favorite video game?
: Console? Definitely Super Nintendo. I LOVE Aladdin’s game. \o/

Grimes - What motivated you to join the staff team?
: I accepted the invite to have another perspective of the game. I always played as a common player and I am trying to have this experience in the best way I can.

Juliana - Do you want a tapa?
: Yes! The Mexican food, the tapa on the panther and a slap. Please, GIVE ME!

xOwnz - Are you DEAD or ALIVE ???
: Well, I am alive wanting to be dead. xD Btw, there is a good game called DEAD or ALIVE. Go play it!

I coudn’t help noticing that you were all curious about the holo duck as a prize and the truth is  I love bobba, I mean, duck.

That is it for today, cuties! I hope you enjoyed knowing me better.

Thanks to everyone for participating and see you at the hotel!