For November there's some new events happening every second weekend of this month!

The type of events will consist of the following:

- Mystery Box sale (either 25% or 50% off)
- Double credits (when logging in to receive your credits, you will receive double)
- Extra credits (when receiving pixels, also receive the same amount of credits)

The extra credits will also tie into the double credits, if both are active at once.

First event:

Starts: 30/10/2020
Ends: 2/11/2020

Details: Double credits, Mystery Box 25% off

Second event:

Starts: 13/11/2020
Ends: 16/11/2020

Details: Double credits, extra credits

Third event:

Starts: 27/11/2020
Ends: 30/11/2020

Details: Mystery Box 50% off, extra credits

Final details...

Please note, all events will start at the very start of the day at EST timezone on the Friday, and end at the start of the following Monday.