Every habbo has it favorite Hotel View. It is part of each Hotel history, and we have grown seeing it and we keep seeing it everyday as we log in.

Personally, I love Brazil's Hotel View. Maybe it is because is what is more comfortable to my eyes, after seeing it over and over for so many years, but you must agree it has a unique design!

For being such an iconic feature of the game, ''Hotel Views'' is the theme from this StrayPixels Competition. Are you ready???

If you could design an Hotel View, how would it be? What would you create for everyone to see when they're not in a room? Think about this and created your very own version of the Hotel View!!!

Click here to see all Hotel Views in Habbo History and get some inspiration!!!

- This competition is restricted to Pixel-Art submissions only.
- We are not looking for extremely detailed Pixel-Arts! Even small arts are welcome and supported!
- Do not copy someone else's hardwork ;)
- You have until October 3rd @18PM BST to submit your entry.

- The 3 best creations will receive the respective StrayPixels Easel and Badge.
- There might or might not be Honorable Mentions, if it happens, Honorable Mentions get 1500 credits and a Badge.