What is your favorite movie scene? No doubt mine is the "Bat Scene'' of 1980's The Shining, when Wendy walks into the Great Saloon where Jack was writing his book in order to talk to him about the health of their son, Danny. Wendy is afraid of Jack's behaviour lately, so she walks in with a bat and ask Jack to take Danny to a doctor. That 5-minute dialogue for me is the high point of the film, mixed with some frames of tons of blood running down  the Overlook's Elevator, accompanied by the most tense soundtrack I've ever heard and hounts me to date.

Now, let's talk about YOUR favorite movie scene! What is it? Is it from a Romantic Movie, a Sci-Fi, or a Horror movie, like me?

No matter what is your favorite scene/movie, if you wanna participate on this contest, you must recreate the location of the scene on a Room and create the scene dialogue! (If it has one). Pay attention to the details of the room and the dialogue. Both will be taken in consideration for the decision!

Every submition must be done on this form by August 22th at Midnight BST. The 5 best scene producers will win a special badge, 3x Deluxe Theatre Chair to create your own Movie Theater and of course, a good amount of coins!

- I want you to create a MOVIE SCENE, not a MOVIE THEATER.
- You can pick any scene from any movie you want.
- This competition is individual.
- We will check for plagiarism.