A new collectible has arrived at our hotel: the Venetian Gondola! And as usual, we are throwing a competition! Collectibles competitions are a really fun way to distribute classic badges, some prizes and to cellebrate the arrival of a new rare to the catalogue.

This time we are doing things a little bit different. Instead of a Building Competition, we are going to put you through a Resistance Test!


- This saturday (August 5th) @6PM BST the Room "Gondola Resistance'' by me (Gui) will open up and 25 habbos will enter there. Then the room will be closed with a One Way Gate. After that, people can only enter to watch.

- Then the Resistance Test will begin. It only ends when we reach the 1/5 of the initial crowd. That means, the last 5 habbos online on the ''Gondola Area'', after the One Way Door, will win a Collectible Badge and a Gold Cup.

Good luck! Meet you there...