Hgyrts Habbos!

Donnie here. I just want to say that I'm really thankful to all habbos that helped me celebrate the magic of Steampunk in our hotel! We had 15 days of beautiful competitions and events! And I loved it!!

I have to continue my travel now to other dimensions, but here are the habbos I selected to go with me on the Space Academy. They'll win a badge and special prize!

Crxs - 8,5
Esdras - 8
Badz - 7,5
artesplasticas - 6,5
Lokom - 6
Graubiu - 6
Kaah - 4,5
Grimes - 4,5
Byzantium - 4,5
Cuceta - 4

See you someday! Farewell Habbos! Hygorts!