Article written by Crxs. Maze built by the Gamer X Team (Crxs, Frvncisco and fishterry)

Hello Habbos, nice to see you again!

My name is 4g0st3r0, I am an old friend from My friend Donnie Santini has brought me here to remind you of the first maze that was created on the hispanic hotel, in 2005, by me.

Donnie told me that you guys are in search of a hobby and good prizes, and that is what I bring you today.

Do you want to win good prizes and spend an entertaining time with your friends? this is your chance!

I'll be waiting for you this Friday, August 21th @10pm BST / 5pm CL / 6pm BR in the "Remember Me Maze" room, by Crxs.

With great events comes great prizes!

When you finish ALL the levels of the maze, you will find a trophy with a message, you must take a screenshot of the open message, upload it to and send it along with your name in the following form. (Check out this example)

- First place: Habbo Golden Trophy + Rare Time Machine + 1 Space Academy Point (Offered by DonnieSantini)
- Second Place: Habbo Silver Trophy + Rare Gramophone + 1 Space Academy Point
- Third Place: Habbo Bronze Trophy + Rare Zeppelin + 1 Space Academy Point
- From 4th to 10th place: 3x Petal Patch + Credits.

But that's not all! Those who do not reach a position within the first ten will get credits by sending the form until Sunday, August 23 (10:00 pm BST / 17:00 pm CL / 18:00 pm BR)

Collect the 4 badges that will be available in some levels of the maze!

Let the games begin!!! Are you ready? because I am.

Thank you DonnieSantini for bringing me to this beautiful hotel.

xoxo, 4g0st3r0. Remember me.