Get ready. This weekend we are going to have multiples rounds hosted by the Rainbow Castle Team. Check how is it gonna work, the schedule and the prizes below.


The Rainbow Castle is a level-based Game, each level containing a minigame from Habbo (Falling Furni, Fridge Game, etc). Each round one user lose. The top 3 users win prizes, but of course, being on the 1st position grants you a bigger prize.


August 15th, Saturday
-6pm BST / 2pm BR / 1pm CL
-1am BST / 9pm BR / 8pm CL

August 16th, Sunday
-2pm BST / 10am BR / 9am CL
-4pm BST / 12am BR / 11am CL

PRIZES (per round)
-1st Place: Golden Rainbow Castle Badge + 1000 credits
-2nd Place: Silver Rainbow Castle Badge + 500 credits
-3rd Place: Bronze Rainbow Castle Badge + 250 credits

Head to this room.