This afternoon, Avery and I were taking a walk on the Rooftop Terrace after the Staff Brunch. We were remembering some weird stuff that has happened on our hotel...

For example, that one time when Habbowood Superstar GingerBrad® got stuck inside his bathroom, or when Luci, the cat, got lost on the Devil’s Maze, that creepy floor on our hotel.

Just when we were discussing it – Avery stating that the hotel was built above an ancient indigenous cemetery, and me ensuring that this was a myth – Siract, who was at the other side of the Rooftop Terrace, started calling us:

- Avery! Gui! Look! There’s something up in the sky!
- Oh my god! Is this… - asked Gui, shocked.
- Donnie Santini! It’s him! – said Avery, finishing off Gui’s sentence.

A weird guy with a space helmet, suddenly lands on the terrace, turns off his machine, lights up his bubble pipe and says:

- Hgyrts Avery! Hgyrts Gui! Hgyrts Siract!
- What language is that, Donnie? – asked Gui, trying to figure out what the Steam Traveler was trying to say.
- It’s Hyperian, my friend, Hyperian! – said Donnie Santini.
- :o – said Avery, Siract and I.

From this moment, we knew that Donnie was up to something… so Avery asked:
- What is this package hanging off your pocket?

Donnie started opening the package, and the three of us were shocked with the sight of it! It was a hieroglyph containing the drawings of a whole new Furni Line! Never seen on Habbo Hotel before:


Donnie said he had just arrived from his trip and had a lot of secrets and stories to share with the Habbos! He will be staying with us for some time, and I heard he is looking for Habbos to join the Space Academy!

Keep your eyes on the articles. Donnie will be challenging the Habbos on many ways during this campaign, and you’ll gather points for every competition won! Only the highest scores will join Donnie Santini’s Space Academy at the end of the campaign! So prove us that you deserve it!

The Steampunk is now avaliable on Catalogue! Enjoy it!