Hello Habbos. First of all I'm really honored with your participations in all Monster Plant events.. It has been a great serie of competitions, but now it has come to and end.

As for MissGigi, I gave her a Vase of Roses for consolation, since her attempt to steal the Monster Plant was a total failure. Don't get bitter, just get better.

Here are the winners of both writing competitions... Congratulations everyone!!!

The baptism of the Monster Plant

Oz - Little Monster
Grimes - Pixels-Eater
GnatWings - Medusa
Esdras - The Birth of Venus Flytrap
artesplasticas - Fly Discipula
EatAss - Lord of the Flies
Huutista - Robert (Plant)
GBRL - Vegan Karen
MG - Mandragora
boo - Clarence

The Monster Plant diet

Crxs - In the morning, start with a delicious cup of coffee with pixelated toasts from the Rooftop Terrace, at lunch, everyone's favorite menu in Habburgers, in the afternoon a snack at the Sunset Cafe and in the evening a delicious habbo, pixel by pixel, The best for a well balanced and healthy Monster Plant. Bon appetit!
Lucas-4 - Moon Diet - be expose to the moon 6 hours a night for 7 days.
Benefits: loss of 5kg and muscular belly, for a fit plant.
xOwnz - Wired Furni
Lokom - Pieces of furniture with remnants of beach sand
Why - She just needs love
Esdras - I heard that she eats insects? So how about a bee omelet without stinging starters and 10g of flies cooked in the sauce of spiced little spiders? For dessert, we can provide a handmade ice cream of beetles and dragonflies. They say it's the best combo in the animal kingdom.
thom - The plant has a strict diet of ClassicHabbo players who alt.
xOwnz - Fried Rybak
Grimes - He eats VEGAN PEOPLE only! It's the plant's revenge! Preferably gluten-free, please.
Oz - Pet crocodiles (rest in peace croak)

All those habbos will be taking home an Exclusive Badge, Credits and Super Rare Monster Plant. Mr. Agenor-Adib is very happy and can finally manage his store in peace.