School is out for summer! Or is it... It's time for us to go back to school, sit in class, read books and follow rules. But wait, do we have to follow the rules...?

NO! It's time that we RULE THE SCHOOL!

But plans must be arranged first...everyone needs to form into their appropriate social groups before things get started. Which group fits you best?!

The Habcats
Jocks, football players, cheerleaders and others who get their popularity by being good at sports and not much else...

The BHF's
Best Habbo's Forever. These are the popular girls and guys that deem themselves more worthy than everyone else. They drive the fancy cars, wear the fancy clothes and basically terrorize everyone that is 'out of style'.

The united front of Gamers, Skaters, Geeks, Comic-lovers and Dorks. They get their strength out of their superior intelligence, underdog position and mad Guitar Hero skills. Spend their time discussing the ending of Lost and dreaming of becoming Mark Zuckerberg.

The Punks
Emos, goths, punks, wannabe poets, basically the other side of the outcast group. They ponder their existence, write over emotional poetry and revel in the dramatic.

Once you've made your choice, click the link below to visit the Google Forms page. Soon you'll receive your Official School Group Badge and can begin earning points for your team through competitions, doing pop quizzes and other events!

Join a Team here!

Group Badges will be handed out from tonight until Thursday @ 6pm BST. You may only request to join one team - and may not change your mind.

Want to keep track of what team is winning? Join our Discord Server and see #RTS-Announcements.

Choose your group fast and we'll see who really rules the school. Stay tuned for the first battle of the school coming soon!