Hello wicked habbos. Are you ready for a diabolical game?

This challenge is gonna be tough, you will want to quit it, but  only the unwhorthy will make it to the end.

These days I woke up with a strange noise next to my accomodations on the Staff HQ. Suddenly I went running to the window and realised that there was a really creepy black cat on our garden. Anyway, we adopted it and named it Luci.

He was here for a few days, but now he is gone... I looked everywhere over the room but he was simply... gone.

I need your help to find Luci. the only thing I know is that Frank told me he has seen Luci on the Devil's Maze! I'm really worried because The Devil's Maze is a tricky floor in our hotel.  It has been there since our opening, but no one is brave enough to go there after some guests got lost in the Maze. Rummors say that a few habbos got out of there to tell the history!

Can you help us? Go to the Devil's Maze - Limbo tomorrow (July 10th) at 19h BST / 15h BR / 14h CLT and try to get to find Luci. But be careful, the maze is huge and you don't want to get lost in there.

Attention: the final room contains a sentence you must submit to this form to prove you are on the Top 10, 20 or 30.

The sentence you must  fill is on a sticker on final room

Everyone who gets to the room where Luci is gets Luci's badge, but the Top 10, 20 and 30 will get special badges and prizes as a reward.