Wow, that was a though riddle! But we did it. We banned the hacker.

Before you read this article, remember that you have until June 3rd @ 12am BST to answer the form to get a badge!

Flower Power is safe thanks to all of you who helped us. But especially for our 15 best detectives below!

Grimes - Solved in 2min
67 - Solved in 3min
Byzantium - Solved in 6min
Gavioes - Solved in 6min
Juliana - Solved in 6min
Oz - Solved in 7min
Rybak - Solved in 18min
Joorren - Solved in 44min
esdras90 - Solved in 44min
salchipapa - Solved in 51min
fishterry - Solved in 54min
Joaoi - Solved in 55min
xOwnz - Solved in 55min
Papie - Solved in 56min
Graubiu - Solved in 1h03min

Remember. Everyone who gets the right answer on the form until July 3rd gets a badge, but those users above will receive an extra badge and prize.

Have you found out already? Keep it a secret. Don't ruin the fun!

Prizes will be given out soon. This article will be updated with the enigma result after the deadline ends.