On Friday's Infobus, you, the users, voted for more Events.

Consider it done. We heard you.

Therefore, from TODAY we bring you Events Week - this will take place every month!

Why not check out our schedule below:


• BattleBall Tournament (6PM)
• Falling Furni Banzai (11:30PM)


• Bingo (3:30PM)
• Falling Furni (7PM)


• Don't Roll a 6 (5PM)
• BattleBall Tournament (10PM)


• Codebreaker (5PM)


• KickWars (3PM)
• KickWars (8PM)
• KickWars (Midnight)

You can grab some great Badges at these events, so why not sit back, relax, and get your gamer goggles on, because this is EVENT WEEK!

Fyi, these are just the Events Hosted by Habbo Staff - we want YOU to pitch in too. We'll be keeping an eye out for those Habbos hosting events this week, and the users who catch our eyes with their events, will win a prize!

All Event times listed above are in BST, UK Time. Times may be subject to change, always check this article for the latest changes.