Let us all make an effort today to save, improve or heal the environment and its inhabitants.

From today, we are kicking off Earth Week! Head down to the Earth Week room, search Earth Week in your hotel navigator to find it.

Each Day, you will be given a new task. Each day, make sure to check this Article for your Daily Quest!


Find the Room with the Easy Riddle; once you find the riddle, submit your answer by clicking here.


FIND THE WORD! Submit your answer by clicking here.


It's QUIZ Time! Test your Climate Change knowledge by doing our small Quiz. In order to Win the badge you must score 10/11 Questions Correct. No duplicate entries, or retries! Click here to get started! Good luck!


Join us at the Infobus for our Earth Week themed Poll! We'll see you at 7PM BST!


All Quests/Event Participants will receive a badge for each mission they complete.

For those who attend and complete all Quests/Events, you will receive a special Golden Earth Badge!