This week's theme is "Habbo Club Realness". Habbo Club is fantastic, it offers great furniture rewards! But what can you really do with all of that furniture? Build, of course!

We're looking for HC Builds - use as much HC Furni as you can get your hands on to make something beautiful.

You don't have to use all exclusively HC Furni, but we'd love you to showcase as much as you can.

It's time to get creative! This ROTW might not be for everyone, and I'm sure there will be a fight over HC Furni in the Hotel over the next week. But I wish you luck!

You will have until 22nd May 2020 6PM BST to enter.

Rules are as follows:

• Don't steal someone else's room
• Don't submit your previous room designs
• Include your Habbo name and room name
• The room must be active and unlocked to be considered for review.
• Add ROTW2 to Room Tags

You can submit your entry here.

There will be 3 winners per ROTW Event. Prize includes Credits, Rare & a Badge!