After finding and capturing creatures as exuberant and flashy as the Kraken, Leviathan and the extremely rare Black Leviathan, it was OBVIOUS that we would draw the attention of feared pirates from known and unexplored continents. One of these pirates, the notorious CaptainBlind who is around our region and dropped his precious map while he was visiting the hotel.

We invite all sailors to embark on an adventure in search of this valuable treasure, through seven levels (stickers in three different languages) that reserve secrets that can be discovered and rescued during the course to receive rewards. The adventure will start in the room [Treasure Hunt 1] Pirate Ship, this SUNDAY, January 17th @ 10pm CET / 6pm BR

The top 10 who reach the end will receive 1,500 credits and have a chance to defeat the CaptainBlind. If you defeat him, the coin prize for you will be doubled and you can also receive a super rare or a rare pack. I heard that the faster you get there, the easier it will be in the fight, as the pirate gains resistance for each other winner. That is, it will be much easier for the first place to defeat him than the tenth.

Don't miss the chance to win a good amount of prizes and the badges below! Good luck on this journey!


The winners, who were lucky to get a part of the treasure that was not cursed:
artes, Hugo, folklore, GBRL, kosov, Joaoi, Tigre, Joorren, hebbo9 and Why

Among these, five defeated the Captain:
artes, Hugo, folklore, GBRL and Tigre

A reward badge will still be available for those who find the treasure until next Sunday! ☠️