The trade ban system was first put into place to stop credit farmers, that is people who are making new accounts to give credits to their main account, and it's also used to catch people giving accessing compromised accounts and giving these credits to their main accounts.

What I have done is created a system where it detects when you have given redeemable furniture to an account that has the same IP address as your account, that is a red flag for a temporary trade ban.

Once trade banned, it will last for 1 day.

How to avoid trade ban

You avoid it by not giving redeemable/exchange furniture to another account that has the same IP as you.

By "giving furniture" I mean either through direct trade, giving the user rights and them placing the furniture down, or by gifting the user the redeemables.

What happens when I'm trade banned?

You will unable to give any furniture to anybody.

It only lasts 1 day, it's not a permanent ban from giving users items.