Hello everybody,

So today I'm going to outline what progress has been done since this article was posted just over a month ago.

So basically, here's what's been finished and is updated on Classic Habbo:

- Trax player widget - Done!
- Groups info widget - Done!
- User info widget - Done!
- Guestbook widget, friends widget - Done!
- Group member management - Done!
- Group favourites - Done!
- Show group favourite in client - Done!
- Show pending members on login - Done!
- Show unread guestbook messages on login - Done!
- My Groups Tab - Almost done! Missing showing favourite groups/owner/admin status.

And a surprise feature no one expected....

Minimail has been added, which you can now message your friends offline privately, this feature was introduced in Habbo in 2008 and taken away sadly with the great mute in 2012 - never to be seen again.

The following bugs have been fixed

- Beds now function like Habbo!
- Friends now refresh properly from friend management.
- Members can now post on group guestbooks.
- BattleBall spawns now support 6 players for every team, in every map.

So when will you be out of beta, dammit!?

Unfortunately I still have some things I would like to add before this hotel is finally no longer in beta, that being, I would like to add group discussions, guides, the guide bot (available in Flash only), finish poker in gamehall, add the BattleBall highscores, and finish the rest of achievements.

Not a priority to come into beta but in future, pets shall be expanded on.

Thank you for reading!