You will not believe it ... when I was in search of our new friends in the darkest of the sea, a new collectable appeared enlightening me with his beautiful treasure!

He told me that his pearls illuminate this dark sea, and that this could attract good riches for those who know how to accommodate them in a new space and thus attract strangers.

Don't forget to participate in the search for them, click here for more information!

We have a new mission, sailors!

We must build a room, the dark and mysterious sea. You can draw inspiration from existing rooms related to the sea, but you must have a secret weapon: the kraken (you can use as many as you want).

You can get the new collectible by clicking here.

Keys to this competition:

- Dark sea, mysterious.
- Collectible included.
- There are no limits on furni types and room size.
- You can't copy a previous room, just get inspired.
- You cannot send rooms already created, we know them!


The best marine habitats will be awarded a dark new friend + 2,500c + Unique Badge.

We will award Honorable Mentions with a Marine Collectible Set (Kraken, Leviathan and Architeuthis) + 1,500c + Participation Badge.

You have until Tuesday, December 8 at 10pm @CET to post the name of your room, its image (preferably on Imgur) and the name of the user in this link.

Let's row, sailors, the sea is rough and there is no time to lose!