Without you, the hotel would still be a dangerous place!

With your help we found out that Ivy lives in the room with the blue door and killed someone with an axe!

The best detectives are:

#1 Myetz
#2 Mario
#3 Bia.

#4 Onion
#5 YZX
#6 dyavide
#7 Ponz
#8 kosov
#9 Aylla

If your name is listed above, 500c has been sent to you, as well as the trophies for the top 3.

Please talk to Miquel/xOwnz to claim your Streets of Bobba rares. (This is so I won't have to spam you with gifts, or trash your room with them :D)

Since it was quite a difficult event, we also decided to give 250 credits to those who had 2/3 answers correct.

A badge will be sent to you soon as well!