Dear Habbo's,

We from the Habbo Police were patrolling the road when we suddenly found a dead man. We know where the perpetrator lives, but we don't know exactly who it is and unfortunately we don't have enough evidence yet.

That is why we ask for your help. Along the road is a house where very mysterious people live. One of them is the killer, but they won't talk to us.

Can you drop by tomorrow and see if you can give us more information?

You can find the house by visiting xOwnz's room called [Event] - Entrance.

The room will open at 9pm CEST tomorrow, Saturday 14th. (Central European time). And will stay open for 24 hours.
If you want to attend and have a chance on the top 3, please check what time it is in your timezone to make sure you don't miss out.

From this room you can access various other rooms which could all potentially contain a clue that will help you find the information we need.

So, what information do we need?

To close this case we need 3 things:

- The name of the killer
- The weapon the killer has used
- The color of the gate to his bedroom.

Of course there is also a reward for those who will give us the correct information.

Everyone who gives us the 3 key bits of information will receive:

- Streets of Bobba rare pack (Bullet holes, chalk outline, police dividers, bobba carpet)
- 500 credits
- A cool badge!

The first 3 people will also receive a Golden, Silver or Bronze Habbo Trophy respectively.

- You can only send 1 answer. If you send multiple, the first one will count. Make sure you find all the clues and hints before submitting your answers.
- You have to send in your answer using  this form.