Every day new users join our beloved hotel, but some of them just get lost in the chaos. That's why we want to help them by providing a nice Welcome Lounge for them.
In this room, Habbos can chill and chat, and maybe even help at the Helpdesk that will be available in the room.
This way, new users can both meet older users and get help at the same time!

Could you create a welcome lounge for us?

- Build a new small room, max. 104 tiles.
- Make it look like a welcome lounge / helpdesk.
- Lock your room (doorbell or password) to avoid people copying your ideas
- Send a screenshot of the finished room to Joorren#4443 on Discord before 15 May, 10PM CEST
- Don't delete your room before the results are announced

Each week, you'll receive an amount of points that will expire after 10 weeks. The points you win during coming weeks will cumulate towards your total points.
With these points, you will be able to buy specific rares (see below).

The prizes are as follows:
- 1st place: 12 points + 3 Thrones + 1500 credits
- 2nd place: 10 points + 3 Thrones + 1000 credits
- 3rd place: 8 points + 3 Thrones + 500 credits
- Honourable mentions: 3 points + 1 Throne
- Participants: 1 point