Who does not like music? I guess nobody...

We're preparing a great music session this week but, the lack of nice beats have us worried.
That's why we need; imagination, creativity and good vibes for this.

This time we don't have rules, just do not copy the work of others!

The competition ends at this same hour on 1 week.

- Try mixing different kind of styles. Sometimes it's better than use the same style!

- No matter the lenght

- You can make any kind of genre too!

- We recommend create a room with the hastag #traxcomp2021 with your creation within it!

- And of course, remember to move one sometimes to avoid being kicked for afk.

1st. Will receive an special trophy, the badge and a Habbo Turntable!

2nd. Will receive the badge and a Habbo Turntable!

3rd. Will receive the badge and a random rare out of the cycle!

1st: Shikamaru (Crack A Bottle)
2nd: Uai (The Song of Victory)
3rd: RonniePickering (trax final)

We're waiting for your creations, Habbos!