It finally happened. The world's over. Barely got all the residents inside. Not everyone made it...

Now it's just us and the icebergs. I don't get it. Eggheads tried to
explain to me that keeping them frozen is a big experiment. For a better
future or something. I don't know. It just doesn't seem right that we
were smiling at them all that time before putting them on ice. Shouldn't
we have told them something?''

Security Logs  October 23, 2077

VAULT-TEC needs your help! They are looking for good builders for new shelters in case we have a tremendous accident! (We hope not)

I've personally talked with the CEO and told me that the 4 winners will receive a special reward and a cool badge. Who knows... Maybe it's a 'Fat Man' or just ton of liters of Nuka Cola.

Anyways, here some rules and information:

 Only medium rooms allowed!

 No matter how many stacks or not you do have! We only care about the design.

 Send a screenshot to staff Chris through DM.

 Use the tag: Vault-Tec into your room name.

 Any kind of furniture is allowed! Just make sure it looks like a shelter!


I could say the unique rule it's not copy any room but... I guess you will close with password your rooms and nobody will see your entry since you have to send me through Discord. ;)
Oh almost forgot, you have 1 week until the time of this new posted!

Good luck there!