They took a long time to arrive, but here they are!

It is time to carry out the great redemption event of our famous 'Duck points'. If you don't remember what Duck points are, you can click here and find out.

The rares that can be redeemed will have a specific amount of Duck Points, so we recommend that you review the catalog and choose well, since this event will only happen once.

It is not mandatory to redeem it, you can keep your Duck Points if that is what you prefer.

We are waiting for you this weekend!

That's right, we'll open the 'Frozen Store' by Crxs, so you can redeem your points.

We will wait for you at the following times:

- Saturday April 10th, from 10pm to 11pm @CEST
- Sunday April 11, from 5pm to 6pm @CEST


Don't forget, this will happen only once until the next, and the rares will not continue to be given. Visit the room, redeem and get a badge of that frozen moment!

The points can be exchanged according to the following dynamics:

Don't freeze, see you!