Attention! This is not a recycling zone, just for ads, please don't throw your trash to recycle here!

Ok, after that announcement, we can continue: it's time for another room competition! Rooms, users, set, go!

This quarantine (yes, the second wave came with everything) made me think about how little we recycle and how beautiful we can build by reusing our furniture. So we have decided what you should also recycle, revive those murbles that you no longer use and turn it into something beautiful.

Your mission will be to build a room decorated with the ECOTRON line. You can use accessories and others that accompany your room, but you must have as much recycled furniture in use as possible, you can use a single color line or all, it is your decision!

The size does not matter (Chris naked maybe yes, but not me), so the size of the room is at YOUR disposal.

You have until Saturday April 10 at 10pm @CEST to post your room in the following thread.

- The prizes will be recycled fantastic:

First place: Water Garden + Golden Habbo Trophy + 2,000c

Second place: Moon Lamp + Silver Habbo Trophy + 1,500c

Third Place: Polar Sofa + Bronze Habbo Trophy + 1,000c

- And of course we have places for 3 honorable mentions:

Each will receive: Palm Chair + 750c

- But wait! some rules...

- Don't steal someone else's room.
- Don't submit your previous room designs.
- Include your Habbo name and room name.
- The room must be active and unlocked to be considered for review..

Don't wait any longer and start recycling to decorate!