Many users started their chocolate egg factories, and they succeeded in an incredible way!

Avery was very satisfied! and therefore launched the new Rare Easter Egg, don't stop getting it at an incredible price!

We have winners!  

After an exhaustive review in each factory, chocolate for chocolate, cleaning and hygiene protocols (you know, COVID) we have resolved the following:

Top 3 best factories, congratulations to:

Mirage, Paule and piipexpro.

Not forgetting our top 5 factories, which this time we decided to include a little more because they were all very good!

Congratulations to:

Miquel, Shikamaru, Elsensualgamer, Angelica, Venersis, boo, and AvHell.

 See you tomorrow at the Easter Maze launch!  

And that's not all, surprise event tomorrow, don't stay out!