Juan received a lot of question but this ones was the best selected by chris, Let's check the interview

Q: Why did you decide to hide so long? What led you to this? Elsensualgamer
A: Because that's the magic of mine, Juan Jose Masse. Anyway, who are you?

Q: Which animal represents you better and why? Mirage
A: No one but insect, the fly. Because the bzzzzzzzzz mazzeeeeeeeeee...

Q:What the fuck do you do? ATN
A: Juan Jose masseing all users on Classic Habbo. And you?

Q:What is your biggest secret in this hotel ? Shikamaru
A: I have a secret room around the corners... It hides something big... But only true fans of mine, Juan Jose Masse, could guess how to get into it...

Q:If you (Juan Jose Masse) and Antonio Saez where in a restaurant together, why would you order a hamburger with cheese instead of a chicken with feathers? Swek
A: Probably we'll order a juan jose masse burguer filled with masse jose juan.

Q: Quieres más, como estás la fiesta? Miquel
A: No, i don't want the party, i want juan jose massed you