Fast! Avery does not have time for many explanations, we need the best factories to make easter eggs for all Classichabbo users!

It's simple, use your ingenuity to prepare the best room as an Easter egg factory, Easter duck or other furni of the season.

Don't limit yourself to size room! What we want is for you to be creative and, above all, to notice everywhere that it is a factory according to the holiday, Avery is counting on your help. ;)

You have until Saturday April 3 at 10pm @CET to post your room in the following thread.

Still not participating in the 'Home of the month' competition? Click here and check the details!

We have fantastic and unexpected prizes:

- Top 3 rooms: 5 Duck points + New LTD + 1,500c

- The following 5 rooms: 3 Duck points + Jelly Pack + 1.000c

- Do not worry! If you do not win a prize, participants will receive: Dragon Egg + 1 Duck point + 500c

But wait! some rules ...

- Don't steal someone else's room
- Don't submit your previous room designs
- Include your Habbo name and room name
- The room must be active and unlocked to be considered for review.

There is no excuse, to build!