Sad news from the music industry!

As you may know, or may not know, Daft Punk is no longer together *cries*, one of the biggest techno influence masters are parting ways and moving on to better and more exciting plans as far as we know...

But that's no reason to stop listening to their music or forget their legacy, we should all commemorate the music they created through all these years!!!

We want to announce the visit of two legends on the electronic music is Daft Punk and after they leave the music they want to listen our songs, our style for search the new generations of producers, do you got everything for it?  ;)

So this is the deal you will have 5 days for make your cool, sick, rad and fresh mix

handle the cd to me Frvncisco or Chris if you see us online :D

They will be presented on the Night Disco on 07/03/2021 at 7:00 Cet
Best ones will win the special Daft Punk badge and a turntable + credits

So pick up your old Trax and give it a chance because this competition is coming hot!

Registrer Here

Get Lucky! and the rythm will be with you


In another news we're bringing a WobbleSquabble Tournament hosted by Swek
So go for your swimming suit and your glasses, because the challenge is coming to the hotel

Are you ready for this? Wait you still don't know the date!!

13/03/2021 7pm CET write it on a sticky or better in a trophy  you can't miss this tournament

The registration is open right now just click Here

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