Hello habbos we know your worries about flash, and how we're going to enjoy this server in future
So on this post we're gonna add all the options you can use to play Classichabbo!

Our first option and the most viable is using the Exe player with all the features of shockwave got for offer, like games, trax, camera and the cooler hand!
So what you're waiting for try it today

Standard Version:The standard version contains all the furniture for instant loading. New furniture will be downloaded if the file doesn't exist. Click here! to download (82 MB)

Lite Version:Contains no furniture. New furniture will be downloaded if the file doesn't exist.
Click here to download (25 MB)

If you have any problems loggin in, open the archive Account.ini and change Automaticlogin=true to Automaticlogin=false
If that doesn't work still that it could be a Firewall issue blocking the connection

But how to use flash on 2021? Well That's easy
We present Basilisk (for windows users) a portable browser wich support flash, so what you're waiting for go for it ;)

Click here to download (88mb)

When you download basilisk go to your download folders and unzip it, later go to the foolder Basilisk-portable and run the exe basilisk-portable it will directly send you to the webpage of Classichabbo so what you're waiting for ;)
Recomendations; Always run basilisk as administrator

Another option is palemoon wich uses Shockwave
Remember don't matter if your computer is 64 or 32 bits only the 32 bits version of palemoon can run shockwave  

Palemoon  32bits portable
Palemoon 32bits full
Adobe Shockwave 12.3 MSI
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

So what now?
Is easy but the first and most important, close all your navigator (They could bug on shockwave instalation)
Install shockwave 11 (recomended) or 12.3
Install palemoon
Go to classichabbo.com and click on the button [Enter]
You're on shockwave now :)  

wait there's more
You can play with flash version on mac and windows

Windows Version thanks swek
Mac Version thanks jooren

just unzip it, click on the Classic habbo logo and you will be logged :)  

And don't forget all the issues you get due the installations you can always ask us on #help-desk on the discord server

A big hug ♥