These days the hotel has been a bit romantic, I have seen some users walk through the public rooms somewhat flirtatious, and I love that!

Who does not? ove is beautiful, in all aspects, not just in a couple.

We want you to express your love in a room!

In a 104-tile room
we want you to recreate a perfect date, tailored to your needs, just imagine it and build it! Only one condition, you must use elements from the Love and Valentines catalog (not everything, but that you include within your perfect date).

You have until Monday, February 15 at 22pm @CET to post your room in the following link.

The prizes will be classic!

- Top 3 rooms: Nelly Trilogy + Bubblegum Ice Cream + 2,500 credits + Winning Badge.

- The following 5 rooms: Jelly Furniture Pack + 1,500 credits + Winning Badge.

But wait! some rules...

• Room with 104 tiles.
• Don't steal someone else's room.
• Don't submit your previous room designs.
• Include your Habbo name and room name.
• The room must be active and unlocked to be considered for review.
• Add Love and ROTW to Room Tags.

What are you waiting for to give love to your living room? Everyone say love!